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The Profile of
Chen Chimutengwende

Date of Birth:               28 August, 1943

Marital Status:          Married
Contact Details:        United Africa Farm Ltd
                                      Glen Forest
                                      P O Box 472
                                      Harare, Zimbabwe
                   Tel:             Bus. +(263-4) 707771 or 707216 
                   Fax:            +(263-4) 251386
                   Cell:            +(263) 11 800 111 or 733 800111 or 912 800 111 or
                                       913 800 111

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Chenhamo Chakezha Chen Chimutengwende is normally and conveniently known as just “Chen Chimutengwende”.  Chen is an activist for and a writer on revolutionary Pan-Afrikanism and global revolutionary ecosocialism. He did his military and ideological training by experts from the Chinese People’s Liberation Army in 1964/5 in the Ghanaian Army in Ghana during Dr Kwame Nkrumah’s time. Chen was awarded “The Medal of the Order of the City of Havana” in 1995 by the State Council of Cuba as a result of his consistent and continuous support for the Cuban revolution. He has made immense contributions to the media all over the world as a journalist since 1968.  He is published extensively and internationally.

Current Posts and Activities

  1. Founder President and the Editor of  website: Afrika Global Network (AGN) since August 2008. AGN is an international and independent network of revolutionary Pan-Afrikanist organizations, institutions, groups and individual activists working both separately and collectively, and both locally and internationally for “The Future of Afrika and the Black World”. It operates at the international level carrying out various projects, tasks, programmes and activities which include research, mass dissemination of information, networking, campaigning, mass mobilization, development and solidarity work.
  1. Founder Chairman: Zimbabwe Foundation for Sustainable Development (ZFSD) since September 2009. This is a non-profit-making and independent organization whose mandate covers charitable, environmental, educational and mobilizational aspects of work. It carries out charitable work, research, information dissemination and campaigns in support of the eradication of poverty and for sustainable development.
  1. He is currently writing a book under the auspices of AGN. The book is on “World Capitalism, Global Revolutionary Ecosocialism and Revolutionary Pan-Afrikanism”.  It will be completed in 2011.

Previous Posts and Activities

  1. Member of Parliament of Zimbabwe for 23 years up to 2008.
  1. Government Minister for 14 years up to 2008 in Zimbabwe. He served as the Minister of the  following Ministries: Information, Posts and Telecommunications;  Environment and Tourism; and,  Public and Interactive Affairs in the Office of the President and Cabinet.
  1. Member of the Board of Directors of Worldtel Ltd from 2002 to 2008. It is a London based private company which was sponsored by the Worldtel Assembly of Governors in Geneva.
  1. Elected in 2002 and served up to 2008 as Chairman: Worldtel Assembly of Governors (Geneva based). It is an organization which was initiated by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU). Worldtel Assembly of Governors is aimed at closing the global telecommunications gap between industrialized and developing countries by mobilising private sector funds for the purpose.
  1. Elected as Vice Chairman in September 1999, in Tunis at a conference of 43 African Ministers and Heads of Delegation of the Assembly of Parties of RASCOM (Regional African Satellite Communications Organisation) for two years.  The Minister of Communications of the host country, Tunisia, was elected Chairman.  RASCOM was set up by the OAU for the purpose of establishing a dedicated satellite system for the African continent.
  1. Appointed Chairman by the ITU on behalf of the developing countries in Geneva in October 1999 to chair the Telecom Development Summit (TDS) of the ITU.  This was a global summit of Ministers and Chief Executive Officers of companies aimed at identifying new and possible opportunities in telecommunications improvement and expansion in developing countries.
  1. Elected as Chairman of the United Nations High Level Environmental Committee of Ministers and Senior Officials in 1997 for two years. This was in New York at a UN conference with 104 Ministers of Environment and Heads of Delegation.
  1. Elected as President of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in 1996 for two years. This was in Geneva at a UN conference with 182 Ministers of Environment and Heads of Delegation.
  1. Appointed in 1984 as Director of Personnel and Public Relations in the Agricultural and Rural Development Authority (ARDA) until 1985 when he became a Member of Parliament.
  1. Appointed part-time lecturer for the M.A. Programme on “Social Development and Political Change” at the University of Zimbabwe, 1984 to 1985.
  1. Appointed Senior Lecturer in Journalism and Mass Communications at the Zimbabwe Institute of Mass Communications (ZIMCO). This was initially under the: Ministry of Information, Posts and Telecommunications and later it became part of the Harare Polytechnic, 1982 to 1984.
  1. Appointed in 1983 as member of the University of Zimbabwe Committee to advice on the setting up of the Postgraduate Programme for Media Studies in the University in 1983.
  1. Appointed Correspondent for Eastern and Southern Africa of the International Social Science Journal of UNESCO, Paris, from 1980 to 2003.
  1. Appointed Chief Correspondent of Inter-Press Service (which is Rome based) for Eastern and Southern Africa in 1980 until 1983.
  1. Appointed Senior Lecturer in Journalism and Mass Communications in the School of Journalism of the University of Nairobi and later became the Head of the same School. This was from 1980 to 1982.  He was also member of the University Senate.
  1. Invited by the Chinese Government to visit China for four weeks in 1979 as one of the twelve members of the British Distinguished Persons Delegation. The idea was that on their return from the study tour of China, the members would improve on their writings and public lectures internationally on Chinese affairs. The members were writers and academics.
  1.  Appointed in 1979 and served until 1980 as UNESCO Consultant on Mass Communications, with special reference to broadcasting training needs covering nine countries of Eastern and Southern Africa. The position was based in Nairobi.
  1. Appointed Deputy Director of the Journalism Programme and Senior Lecturer in Mass Communications and International Affairs, International Press Institute, City University, London, 1978 to 1979.
  1. Appointed as Rapporteur in 1977 for the “Proceedings of the Working Group of  International Experts on Black Civilisation and Mass Media of the FESTAC Colloquium whose report was published in the  book:“Colloquium Proceedings , Volume 1, FESTAC, Colloquium on Black Civilisation and Education”, Federal Ministry of Education, Lagos, 1977” ).  He served both as a Rapporteur and author of the report for this Working Group of International Experts.
  1. Founder President of the Kwame Nkrumah Institute of Writers and Journalists, London, 1970 to 1977.
  1. Appointed in 1970 as a member of the Editorial board of the Black Dwarf which later became the Red Mole edited by Tariq Ali. This was a Marxist fortnightly newspaper published in London. In 1972 Chen launched his own monthly newspaper in London which was called The Liberation StruggleIt covered news and theoretical issues about liberation struggles in Afrika, Asia and Latin America. He was the Editor of this newspaper until 1974 when he left for full-time post-graduate studies at the University of Bradford.
  1. Appointed Executive Director: Europe-Third World Research Centre, London in 1969 and served until 1974.  The Centre was established and funded by the World Student Christian Federation (WSCF) with the assistance of the World Council of Churches both based in Geneva.  This was a research and information centre on the economic, political, social and ecclesiastical relationship between Europe and the Third World. The aim of the Centre was to expose and campaign against the iniquitous nature of the relations between the industrialized and the developing countries.


Chen holds a social science Masters Degree from the University of Bradford in England where he specialized on “The Functions, Processes and Challenges of Mass Communications in Peaceful and Conflictual Situations in Politics and International Relations”. He re-wrote his M.A. dissertation and got it published as a book under the title: South Africa: The Press and the Politics of Liberation, Barbican Books, London, 1978.   He was admitted as a Ph.D student in the same University in 1976.  His thesis was on “Mass Media and the State in the Socio-Economic Development Process”. He did not finish his doctoral thesis because that was the time when he started moving from one appointment or assignment to another internationally, and these were so exciting, irresistible and critically important to his future role in society that he could not ignore them.


Contact details

Afrika Global Network
P.O. Box 472, Harare, Zimbabwe.

Tel.: +(263-4) 707771 Fax: +(263-4) 251386
Mobile: +(263) 11 800 111 or 0733 800 111 or  912 800 111
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September 21, 2009

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